GrowthNet's Business Acceleration Model is our structured, but simple “Organic” process that accelerates any business that chooses to use our services. Because this is a dynamic process, we use the animated “Living” vineyard imagery to represent how we work with our clients.

We believe the Key to Business Acceleration is open and direct Communication between GrowthNet and CXOs in our clients’ organizations. Please see that the CXO’s vine runs throughout the image.

We first listen to our clients’ Opportunities and Challenges (please open the “Needs Checklist” that initiates discussion). Then we establish clear Communications Channels by adapting to the catalysts shown in the Communication section (please open the “Talking Heads” section).

Then we conduct Storyboard Session (s) to understand what our Clients want to accomplish in their time horizons, how they want to work and the results they expect. From this information, we develop Task Order Proposals that define our scope of work.

When the Task Orders are approved, we set about to accomplish the Tasks in a systematic way (please see the three (3) basic steps to accomplish each of our main products and services).

We strive for Client satisfaction. Please click on the wine barrel to see “Progress and Profits”.


When you hover over a “Hot Spot” it will present information. When you click on the “Hot Spot”, it will stay open until you click on it again.

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