Corporate Solutions
  • Aligning Real Estate Assets with Corporate Objectives
  • Lease Administration, Management & Audits
  • Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Property Valuation, Appraisal & Auditing
  • Multi-Market Analysis & Intelligence
  • Sale & Lease Backs
  • Adding to Valuation


  • Port Development
  • Inland Port Development - Supplier Migration
  • Restructuring Distribution Channels
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Corporate Solutions
* Real Estate

Legal, Financial & Development

Getting Started

  • Storyboard what you want to accomplish
  • Develop task orders to accomplish objectives
  • Perform task orders
Teaming Partner Services
  • Geo-Demographics Analysis for Market Entry & Expansion
  • Due Diligence & Discovery

Global Real Estate Solutions
Where in the World Can We Help

  • Industrial, Commercial / Office, Developments & Retail
  • Global Positioning Strategies
  • Best-Shore Sourcing
  • 45 Countries
  • 350 Offices
  • 42,000 Real Estate Transactions/Yr.
  • $40 B/Year in Sales & Leases
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