GrowthNet Extranet Systems are custom-designed to accelerate the way our clients do business and the way they communicate with their Stakeholders.

Please call us and let’s discuss the way you do business and let’s work together to improve it.

Integrates You with Your Clients.

Delivers Selling, Proposal, Project, and Account Management Information.

Allows Tailoring "The Message" throughout the Project Life Cycle.

Enables Star Performers to Instantly Brief Project Members, Management, Alliance Partners, and Investors.

Allows Project Teams, Customers, Management and Stakeholders to Monitor Progress and Schedules.

Enables Fast Project Plan Updating, Dissemination, and Access.
Reduces Project Costs and Increases Profits.

Reduces Project Durations and Improves Project Success Odds.

Increases Personnel and Projects Span of Control.

Provides Competitive Work Efficiency Advantages.

Enables Telephone/Internet Meetings, slashing Travel and Face-to-Face Meeting Requirements.

Eliminates Indirect Travel, Meeting, Shipping, Printing, Copying and Faxing Costs.
Implements Industry and Management Consulting “Best Practices”.

Expedites New Task Order Kick-off, and New Personnel Orientations.

Enables Rapid Communication of Company/Team/Team Member Capabilities and Experiences.

Accelerates Decision-Making by Keeping Everyone on "The Same Page".

Builds Team Confidence and Partner Loyalty.

Internet Browser Accessible Worldwide (24x7) with Layered, Password Protected, "Need-to-Know" Security.

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